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Giving a Travel Risk Membership as a Gift this Christmas

  Randy Haight

My grandparents used to give me warm pajamas every Christmas. It happened like clockwork. For my birthday, I was given new boots, gloves or other sensible clothing items. Looking back, I realize that my grandparents understood the value of giving a gift that was useful, pragmatic, and made a difference.

I am now a grandparent, and while I hate to admit it, my gift giving approach is much like my grandparents. Since time has evolved, so have my gift selections. When my children went to college, I purchased them a membership with a well-known roadside assistance group to ensure that if their car broke down, had a flat tire or ran out of gas, they could get assistance without having to call dad. I could rest comfortably knowing that someone was going to help them.

Travel has become more affordable and accessible to the average person. High school and college students routinely travel abroad to study or enjoy their summer hiatus. Spring break has evolved from beach parties in the southern states to major events in various countries. Destination weddings are also on the rise. More people than ever are taking river and ocean cruises in Europe and elsewhere. In short, many people are traveling, and this exposes them to various travel risks; however, the risks today are far greater than simply having a flat tire or running out of gas.

Crisis Assistance Plus™ is a travel risk membership program that offers crisis response to ten different travel risks including blackmail/extortion, criminal violence, disappearance, global pandemic, hijack, kidnap, natural disaster, political threat, terrorism and wrongful detention. Crisis Assistance Plus® can be purchased online for the duration of travel from 10 to 180 days.

Think about it. Would you rather your loved ones, friends or colleagues have a warm pair of flannel pajamas or a 24-hour number they can call to obtain assistance from professional crisis responders, just for the price of membership?

So, for this Christmas season or at any time, why not give someone you love a travel risk membership? It is pragmatic, inexpensive and easy to obtain.