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The Top Ten Rock Climbing Adventure Travel Opportunities

Rock Climber Adventure Travel Awaits, Consider These Rock Climbing Destinations

International adventure travel and rock climbing go hand-in-hand, especially as outdoor travel becomes increasingly popular among North Americans. Rock climbing is a great way to explore the outdoors and stay active, offering unique perspectives of your destination that are only reserved for those brave enough to take on their next climb. Embrace the challenge of rock climbing that promotes personal development and offers a mix of strength, concentration, and agility into one adventure experience.

Top Ten International Destinations for North American Rock Climbers

These are the top ten international travel destinations that offer exceptional rock climbing opportunities.

10. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers a wide variety of rock climbing opportunities due to its varied terrain and rock types, including granite, limestone, and sandstone. Find traditional climbing options at the popular Peak District of England or embrace the scenic route by exploring the mountains of the Lake District.

austria mountains 9. Austria

In the heart of the Alps, Austria offers so many outdoor adventure opportunities, including mountain biking, camping, and canoeing. As for rock climbing, the most popular options are in Salzburg and Innsbruck, which provide routes for both novice and advanced climbers on both granite and limestone rock.

8. France

Beyond the busy cities of Paris and Lyon, there are vast amounts of rock climbing and outdoor adventure in France. The best rock climbing is in Chamonix, with many tourists visiting to scale Mont Blanc or enjoy the sights of this beautiful resort town. Adventure travelers can hire guides or practice their skills in one of the many indoor rock climbing gyms before heading out into the wilderness.

7. Morocco

Morocco is the perfect destination for year-round rock climbing and scenic mountain escapes. At times, it might be too hot during the summer months, so a visit in the fall is recommended. Adventure travelers are best to explore the Todra Gorge, Tafraoute, and the Taghia Gorge for the best possible experience.

mexico mountains 6. Mexico

Mexico is so incredibly vast when it comes to outdoor adventure that many travelers simply won’t have the time to explore every opportunity available. Much of the rock climbing in Northern Mexico is similar to what Americans have experienced in states like Texas, with many limestone routes available just a short drive from Monterrey. The town of El Potrero Chico has gained a reputation as a paradise for international rock climbers offering well over 400 different routes for varying skill levels.

5. Spain

With Spain's comfortable climate and mountainous terrain, the country has quickly gained popularity with thrill-seekers searching for rock climb adventures. Costa Blanca is well known for its superb limestone rock climbing offerings, while many other options are available just outside places like Barcelona and Madrid. Even though Spain attracts world-class rock climbers, it doesn’t mean there aren’t options for both beginner and intermediate climbers.

Italian Rock Climber 4. Italy

Italy offers stunning scenery and outdoor travel offerings to all those who visit. Its easy-going vibes and slower pace can provide the best of sport and relaxation into one experience. Places like Sardinia are especially beautiful when appreciated during a climb of the Amalfi Coast, but also consider visiting the Aosta Valley to get a picture-perfect view of the Italian Alps.

3. Patagonia

Patagonia has grown a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world to experience the outdoors. The mountaintops are begging to be explored, with some of the best rock climbers in the world exploring the peaks and valleys. Patagonia is the epitome of exploration and adventure, offering life-changing challenges and an overwhelming amount of climbing, not for the faint of heart.

2. Switzerland

Nothing quite compares to rock climbing in the Swiss Alps. Switzerland is an adventure traveler's paradise, where the most well-known rock climbing community is found in Bernese Oberland. Stay in the resort town of Interlaken and get out and explore the vast mountainous terrain of Jungfraujoch that includes granite and limestone peaks awaiting climbers.

Rock climbing in Greece 1. Greece

Kalymnos is world-famous as one of the best destinations in the world for rock climbing. The many islands of Greece are ideal for rock climbing, but Kalymnos, in particular, brings stunning views, incredible weather, and superb climbing into the ultimate travel experience. Adventure travelers will be delighted by not just the wide range of available climbing routes, but the easy-going nature of the Greeks and relaxing atmosphere makes for the perfect destination that can keep you active and recharge your body.

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