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The Global Overwatch & Rescue Plan by FocusPoint International, Inc. is a search and rescue service where you are provided with 24/7 SOS alert monitoring by the Crisis Response Center, access to on-demand assistance and a number of Medical and Security Benefits should you experience an emergency while you're on the move.

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Woman survives 400-foot fall at Snowmass Lake

A 27-year-old woman plummeted 400 feet, suffering an open-leg fracture and a head injury along the way, down a scree- and snow-covered slope near Snowmass Lake on Tuesday afternoon...

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What we provide as a fully funded service, at no additional cost to you:

  1. 24/7 Assistance Hotline
  2. Crisis Consultation (phone advice)
  3. Emergency Message Transmission during a period of emergency or travel
  4. Legal Referrals during a period of travel
  5. Lost Document Advice & Assistance, during a period of travel
  6. Access to Interpreters, during a period of emergency or travel
What we provide as a fully funded service, at no additional cost to you:

  1. Disappearance of Persons
  2. Search and Rescue (SAR)
  3. Natural Disasters
  4. Violent Crime
  5. Political Threats (extended to include civil threats caused by riots, strikes and civil commotion)
  6. Terrorism
  7. Kidnap for Ransom
  8. Blackmail or Extortion
  9. Wrongful Detention
  10. Hi-Jacking
  11. Pandemic Threat
What we provide as a fully funded service, at no additional cost to you:

  1. Emergency Relocation when a SAR is activated
  2. Medically Necessary Repatriation (nearest appropriate hospital)
  3. Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  4. Visit of a Family Member or Friend (when hospitalized during a qualifying period of travel)
  5. Return of Dependent Children
  6. Transport Escort
  7. COVID19 Illness Medically Necessary Repatriation, during a period of foreign travel
Overwatch & Rescue: Partnership Opportunities

Overwatch & Rescue search and rescue (SAR) benefits integrate directly into existing devices for real-time S.O.S. services. Contact us directly to learn more about Overwatch & Rescue partnership opportunities.

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