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What Some Travel Insurance Policies Do Not Cover

Woman with travel insurance skateboards along beach Exclusions and Conditions Could Result in Travel Insurance Benefits Not Being Paid Out

Travel insurance is a must for any vacation or business traveler. However, many consumers don’t realize their coverage can sometimes come with a long list of exceptions and details that could result in their benefits not being paid in the event of an injury, or worse, death. Much of these exceptions are overlooked, as consumers fail to read through all the fine print of their coverage or misunderstand what their coverage entails.

Many travel insurance plans offer thousands of dollars of coverage and have proven to be beneficial for many travelers. However, when a traveler learns that their emergency can’t be resolved with their insurance, their vacation and/or business trip could become a nightmare.

Stethoscope for travel insurance Consider Your Pre-Existing Health Conditions When Purchasing Travel Insurance

A traveler's pre-existing health condition can exclude the payment of benefits in travel insurance plans. Those traveling with pre-existing heart conditions, lung or respiratory conditions,aneurysm, or cancer prior to their travel date might be surprised to learn that these conditions could void their coverage. Depending on the insurance plan, costs incurred due to these pre-existing conditions would not be covered.

Two women on vacation with travel insurance drinking Alcohol Use Can Complicate Travel Insurance

Some plans include fine print outlining that benefits are not payable for loss, injury or death if the traveler was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or any other intoxicant, failed to comply with prescribed treatment or therapy or misused a medication.

Adventure travelers might also be surprised to learn that their benefits are not payable if the injury is a result of extreme sports, including motorized contests, high-risk activities, stunts, professional sports, mountain climbing, and in some instances, rock climbing.

Benefits could also not be payable when a traveler’s home country issues a travel warning to a specific country, and the injury or sickness is a result of the reasons outlined in the travel warning. This could cover a wide range of instances when travel insurance coverage is voided, including war, kidnapping, nuclear incidents, and acts of terrorism.

Enjoying the dock with travel insurance Find Resolutions to Your Travel Insurance Needs

The Cap Travel Assistance Membership (CAP™) powered by FocusPoint International is an affordable, elite travel assistance plan with a comprehensive benefit structure that includes a wide assortment of industry-leading emergency medical travel assistance benefits. We are proud to offer best-in-class crisis response, evacuation and travel security assistance service, all available for one inexpensive membership fee.

CAP™ is offered by some of the world’s leading airline operators and travel agencies and is now available to purchase online for individuals and families looking to fill the frequently overlooked gaps in their travel insurance policy. Travel mishaps like natural disasters, terrorism, and sometimes criminal violence are not covered by traditional travel insurance. Visit us online to get a complimentary quote and learn more about what CAP™ can do for you.