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Spring Breakers Beware

The dog days of winter are here in full force. As I type this, the wind chill temperature is nearing -16C, the skies are a static gray and drifting in and out of a complete whiteout as blankets of snow relentlessly pour down. To me, this is a winter wonderland, to the rest of the population it is further confirmation to escape to the white sands and ocean; hello, spring break!

Spring break typically happens in mid-February or mid-March for North American university and colleges and holds a connotation of one wild party with friends and strangers from around the world. According to an article published in the Chicago Tribune, over 50% of North American post-secondary students plan to travel for spring break. Numerous promotion and travel companies market all-inclusive sunny paradise escapes accommodating every budget.

I would like to think the majority of those participating in spring break trips thought about investing in some type of coverage in case of an emergency or accident. Although the purchase of travel insurance may seem like a great precaution, what most people do not realize is that travel insurance will likely not cover you if you are inebriated. This means, if you have been sipping Piña Coladas out of a coconut like rum is going out of business and then on your walk back from the local bar you are violently attacked, your travel insurance will not cover you! You will receive medical attention at a hospital (likely not a hospital of your choice) and will also receive a bill that your insurance provider rightfully refuses to pay.

While some spring break trips come and go without a hitch, recently there have been many tragic stories of spring break type trips gone wrong. When the unthinkable happens, many families and friends are left to cover the costs, often relying on crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe.com. This is because even some of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies will not pay to repatriate mortal remains or for a family member’s travel costs to confirm the identity of the deceased.

So what is the point of insurance if it will not cover me? There is a solution, but you will not find it in the fine print of an insurance policy! Travel assistance memberships, such as CAP and CAP Medical, will give you the peace of mind while traveling, knowing that you are fully covered for everything. Spring break is about letting go of stress, not causing more. Enjoy the fun in the sun, but don’t forget your SPF!