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Should travelers rethink Europe plans because of the war in Ukraine?

Barcelona Spain Indeed, Europe remains open for travelers despite the crisis unfolding in Ukraine. And after limping along for two years during the pandemic, the tourism sector is more eager to welcome visitors than ever.

And while concerns over traveling during a war are valid, security experts also emphasize that many of Europe's most popular tourist areas, such as Barcelona, Rome and Paris, are many hundreds (if not thousands) of miles from the current conflict in Ukraine.

"You don't need to have this sort of heightened state of anxiety, [which] is the one thing that I'm seeing the most right now," said Greg Pearson, CEO and founder of CAP Travel Assistance, a newly launched travel and crisis assistance service by global firm FocusPoint International.

"People are maybe prematurely canceling their plans, and I don't think we're there yet. It's anybody's best guess as to what's going to happen next, but as it relates to travel to western Europe, I think you can travel safely."

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