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Rugged Cat S75 and Motorola Defy 2: Android smartphones with two-way satellite connectivity

Crisis Response Center Rugged smartphones designed for mission-critical (e.g. emergency workers and first responders), business-critical (e.g. transport, logistics), and outdoor hobbyist (e.g. hiking, skiing) use cases are widely available, but lack a key ingredient: if no cellular or Wi-Fi connection is available -- and there are large areas, even in developed countries, where that's the case -- they have no means of communicating. There are dedicated satellite phones, of course, but these can be expensive, bulky, and lacking in smartphone features.

Fresh from unveiling its Bullitt Satellite Connect (BSC) service and Bullitt Satellite Messenger (BSM) OTT app at CES 2023, British company Bullitt Group has announced the fully rugged Cat S75 smartphone, a flagship 5G handset with added satellite comms capability, courtesy of BSC and BSM, at Mobile World Congress (MWC). In the US and Latin America, essentially the same Bullitt-designed and manufactured phone will be sold as the Motorola Defy 2.

The 6.6-inch Cat S75 looks more like a regular smartphone than most rugged or satellite handsets because Bullitt, in conjunction with its chipset partner MediaTek, has shrunk the satellite RF components to a manageable size as well as tweaking power consumption to eke out maximum battery life.

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