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It is Not Just About Terrorism

With the recent incidents in London and Moscow, it seems that almost weekly we are seeing a terrorist act reported in the media. According to statistics, a terrorist act occurred somewhere in the world every single day in 2015. These attacks are becoming a growing concern for business travelers, but there are other risks that you should be prepared for when making travel plans.

Crime continues to be a concern in many cities around the world. Visitors easily stand out, and they are frequently the target of criminals looking to steal bags and purses or pickpocket.

Natural disasters also seem to continue to occur daily. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other weather-related disasters could occur without warning.

Traffic and other types of accidents frequently affect business travelers, and medical issues can ruin any trip.

Although terrorism continues to be of great concern, it is not the only potential risk to business travelers.

These risks highlight the need for a good travel risk management program. Giving business travelers information during the planning stages of a trip, informing them of incidents while they are traveling and providing advice and assistance are all critical in ensuring duty of care responsibilities are met by a company or organization. While being concerned about terrorism is understood, it should not be the only reason for good travel-related security planning.