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In the Know Newsletter Volume 10

Vol. 010
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Highlights in this volume include topics related to private train travel, COVID-19 scams and background screening for remote workforces.

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Background Checks for Remote Workforces; An Ongoing Learning Process
Background checks for remote workers have become a complicated matter since the pandemic began. Many workforces were sent home to adapt to what might be a permanent remote work environment. In 2021, HR managers have had to adapt as new qualified and skilled candidates have come out of the woodwork hoping to offer their services remotely.


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Private Train Travel Gains Steam Across the World
Luxury travel has quickly adapted to the pandemic, and private train travel is one of the first to expand its offerings and pave the way for new travel experiences. By pairing with different booking agencies, train travel is set to experience a massive revival, aiming to offer travelers some of the most incredible experiences on earth along with new routes, increased flexibility, and unique luxury offerings.


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As Covid-19 Vaccines Ramp Up, So Do Covid-19 Scams
In the year since Forbes first covered the scams preying on fears of the Covid-19 coronavirus, this area of cybercrime has simply exploded. The bogus websites have become phishing emails and phishing text messages. Now we have fake pollsters, fake messages from your HR department, fake cures and fake vaccine appointments. Scammers are using concern about the pandemic to steal identities and money.


Workplace Violence Webinar
Workplace Violence Contingency Planning - How to Manage Threats and Mitigate Risk

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021
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31% of workers do not feel their workplace is well-protected from a physical threat from another person.
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