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In the Know Newsletter Volume 8

Vol. 008
People in a Building
Human Resource and Security Insights for Professionals
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Highlights this Volume

Highlights in this volume include topics related to business continuity, online comments by employees, and legal considerations for staff not wanting to return to working in the office.

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Should Workers Be Held Accountable by HR for Their Online Comments?
Social media has presented a long list of complications for HR managers that continues to grow year after year. Contentious comments on popular social media sites by employees can harm an employer's reputation, and tough decisions will have to be made if the harm outweighs the value of the employee. In some instances, a company can even face aggressive public pressure to fire an employee for what they said online.


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Put Your Business Continuity Plan to the Test
COVID-19 caught many businesses off guard. Those who were unprepared for the shock that came with COVID-19 experienced catastrophic losses, halting production, and for some, sending their companies into bankruptcy.


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Can an Employer Fire Workers Who Are Scared to Return to the Office?
More employers are requiring employees to return to the office. If employees refuse, can they be disciplined or terminated?


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72% of employers use social media to screen candidates in the hiring process

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