Vol. 007
Human Resource and Security Insights for Professionals
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Highlights this Volume

Highlights in this volume include topics related to managing union backlash, protecting the COVID-19 vaccine supply and a travel destination hotspot for 2021.

Protecting the Supply Chain: Transporting the Most Important Commodity in the World - The COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 has plagued thousands of healthcare and long-term healthcare workers, and with the arrival of a vaccine in North America, it is the first small glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccines themselves require careful, ultra cold-storage, delicate handling, and meticulous coordination to get shots into the right people as efficiently as possible. Logistically, the vaccine will present multiple challenges and will demand physical security, tracking, and protection.


Managing Union Backlash During Labor Negotiations
Employers and unions have been scrambling to maintain their levels of productivity while taking steps to ensure the safety of all parties involved. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have had extended conversations with employee unions to discuss an appropriate response to the pandemic along with fair compensation. These negotiations, which are now conducted remotely, have resulted in significant backlash from employees refusing to go to work and challenging employers for more benefits and further compensation.


The Middle East Might be a Popular Destination for Leisure Travel in 2021
North Americans who wish to travel in 2021 should expect further complications when it comes to government testing requirements, compulsory quarantines, and public health measures. While American airports experienced a spike in travel during the holiday season, the rest of the global travel industry continues to innovate in order to kick start the economy and bring thousands of people back to work.


Contingent Workforce - The Future of Work is Evolving
The last year drastically changed the contingent workforce recruitment and management. If we consider just how quickly "business as usual" changed, it is perhaps no surprise that workforce planning needs to be revisited. We are beyond the stage where companies were firefighting just to keep afloat. Instead, decision-makers are looking back to assess the lessons learned over the past 10 months and feeding this into future strategic resource planning.

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