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In the Know Newsletter Volume 2

Vol. 002
People in a Building
Human Resource and Security Insights for Professionals
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Highlights in this volume include topics related to low-touch and no-touch security, remote interviews, and expert insights on workforce relations.

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Managers: Be Upfront with Staff to Build Workplace Resilience
A new pandemic-related study found that workplace resilience-how employees respond to obstacles-is developed when managers and senior leadership keep employees informed about organizational challenges and the near-term future of the business.


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What is "Low-Touch" and "No-touch" Security and Why Do We Need It?
The ongoing global pandemic has made the need for clean and safe workplaces soar to new heights as property owners and managers attempt to "slow the spread" of COVID-19. The transfer of bacteria and germs from one surface to another must be stopped to ensure a healthy and covid-free workplace. Social distancing is now the norm complemented by a world of new technologies dedicated to preventing the spread of germs.


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How HR Professionals Can Spot a Remote Candidate Who is Just Good at Interviews
HR managers are likely swimming in a sea of candidates as COVID-19 has pushed most office work into an indefinite remote state. Many jobs are heading online, making the pool of potential candidates much larger than it ever has been before.


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Looking to Connect? AFIMAC and FocusPoint will be attending the OSAC 2020 Annual Briefing
Joe Schollaert, Maria Teresa Septien, Ruben Mena, Jim Rovers and Rob Shuster of AFIMAC Global will be attending. As well as Greg Pearson, Jim Chiacchia, Lisa Arredondo, David Mace, Lee Sharon, Kimberly Duclos, Jaimee Langerman and Samridhi Talwar from FocusPoint International.

Date: November 16-20, 2020
Where: Online


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Almost seven in 10 (69 percent) U.S. travelers identified sustainable travel as important to them, while nearly six in 10 (53 percent) said they were more determined to make sustainable choices when looking to travel again in the future. -

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How COVID has Impacted the Workplace - Virtual Labour Relations Forum 2020


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