COVID-19 Planning, Access Control & Health Screening for Businesses

Pandemic Screening Tools To Help Public and Private Sector Organizations Meet Their Legal Obligations To Provide A Safe Workplace Environment During The Coronavirus

We offer professional workplace health and pandemic screening technology that instills employee confidence and addresses duty of care obligations with the intake, storage, and auditing of data, while advancing trust with reassurances for the health and wellness of employees, the public and community.

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Choose A Health Screening Solution That Best Meets Your Needs

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Health Screening App

Ideal for onsite health screening. Captures consent. Captures temperature and has a configurable health screening questionnaire.

  • Only requires an internet connection
  • Available on any smart device(tablet/phone)
  • No app download required
  • Time to scan = 30 to 60 seconds

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Health Screening + ID Validation App

Ideal for remote verification and onsite health screening. Captures temperature and has a configurable health screening questionnaire. Captures a photo of ID and a picture of the subject. Can detect fraud using facial recognition.

  • Can detect fake IDs
  • Only requires an internet connection
  • Available on any smart device (tablet/phone)
  • No app download required
  • Time to scan = 60 to 120 seconds
How It Works in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Obtain subject’s consent

Step 2

Record subject’s temperature & health survey responses

Step 3

Capture ID documents(Optional)

Step 4

Access denied or granted

Step 5

Data made available for audit trail
Here’s Why You Should Choose Our Workplace Pandemic Screening Tools

Efficient and Effective

  • Low per scan cost
  • 100-point facial recognition validation
  • No obligation to purchase any equipment
  • Can be supplemented with our professional screeners
  • Over 400,000 global government IDs available in the system
  • Catch fake IDs through embedded security feature validation
  • High volume capacity with average scans in as little as 10 seconds
  • Highly adaptable solution for the flexible screening of employees, visitors, and patrons

Secure Data Storage

  • Privacy compliant consent capture
  • Full data capture with audit trail and timestamps
  • Secure SOC II compliant infrastructure managed by TELUS

Easy To Use

  • No training required
  • Configurable health questions
  • Available through any smart device
  • No installation or downloads required
  • Easy to use (security, medical or your employees)
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