COVID-19 Planning, Access Control & Health Screening for Businesses
Trained Workplace Health Screening Personnel and Support Services

We offer trained medical personnel and support teams that will work closely with your organization to guide your workplace health screening and pandemic preparedness programs are following best practices to ensure of duty care.

*Rates starting as low as $45 per hour.

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Over 700 medical professionals available for rapid deployment.

  • EMTs are similar to paramedics (without medical management of symptomatic persons on-site), often working in an ambulance or in hospital emergency room settings, providing basic care and temperature screening
  • EMTs are an ideal asset for access control screening of employees and patrons
  • Paramedics are able to provide guidance, along with the medical management of symptomatic persons on-site
  • Our paramedics can also receive orders from a remote physician or a physician on-site while managing quarantine requirements for sick patients
  • For organizations that require a high degree of medical skill but don’t need full clinic capabilities, registered nurses are an excellent screening option 
  • All of our RNs work in emergency and critical care environments and can provide life-saving care in the event of an emergency
  • Our RNs are trained in the management of symptomatic persons
  • When coupled with our tele-medicine solutions, we can provide a full-service medical option without the expense of an on-site physician
  • Our deployable nurse practitioners can provide certain prescriptions and request diagnostic tests such as an X-ray or CAT scan
  • They are able to provide almost a fully-comprehensive medical offering, especially in a screening type scenario, at a more cost effective price point than that of a physician
  • They are highly familiar with the use of PPE and can provide medical screening services in a private or corporate setting
  • Should an employee become sick, our nurses can manage both the quarantine and safe transport of a patient
  • Our physicians are trained in either emergency, critical care or occupational medicine
  • We have licensed physicians that can be deployed to screen employees and patrons prior to entering a site
  • Physicians are the highest skill level that can be deployed for corporate screening services and can provide on-site medical guidance, implement medical orders, and oversee the medical deployment tailored to large businesses
  • The mental impact of COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on employees, whether it be because of quarantine or financial stresses 
  • Social workers can be deployed as part of employee benefits, return to work, or welfare check programs
  • These professionals can work with employees impacted by COVID-19, either directly related to their employment or just for their own mental health
  • Social workers can be deployed as part of our offerings to assist employees through these difficult times
  • Skilled non-medical personnel focus on employee and/or patron egress for short or long-term assignments
  • Trained and background screened, these personnel augment access control requirements beyond the health screening focus of medical personnel

*All prices are in USD
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